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Aquaduct Trading commenced business in 1994! Initially we were focused solely on supply of water supply products, goods and services!

In association with manufacturers, initially based solely in Australia, but later many from New Zealand also, and now from many other countries, we concentrated on working as closely as possible with the various water authorities, Public Works Departments and other water utilities around the Pacific!

In 1995, we proposed to the Australian Government, a “Trade Show” to promote Australian products and services to the Pacific Island Nations! We received funding to provide airfares and accommodation costs for 2 staff members from any water associated government departments, who wished to attend, to participate in the Pacific Trade Display, held in Apia, Samoa from 25-28 July, 1995!

Not long after we started to advertise this trade display we were contacted by SOPAC, based in Fiji! SOPAC were working with all Pacific Water Authorities and wanted to use the assembly of water related people, who would be at the Trade Display, to hold their own meeting, which of course we agreed to, and at that time the PWA (Pacific Water Association) was formed.

Aquaduct Trading joined the PWA as an associate member and we have attended PWA AGM’s in many countries, expanding our knowledge of the various countries and their specific needs, as well as establishing new contacts or re-establishing old contacts with many people from PWA and associated organisations.

At our trade display in Samoa in July 1995, we not only had many, at that time, new and innovative products to showcase to all the various water officers in attendance, we also had representatives from 10 Australian companies, who talked about and demonstrated their products or services! Civilian attendees from the local populace were also welcomed to view the products and sit it on any of the talks or demonstrations and many new products were introduced into the local consumer network through these contacts!

In 1996, at the behest of one of our major clients, we started looking at the supply of electricity supply fittings! As we had been very successful in our endeavours with water supply, we were asked to investigate the possibility of bringing some more competition to the area of electrical authorities and their suppliers! As a consequence of this, electrical supply items now make up a considerable part of our sales figures annually!

Once people in the Pacific got to know us and realised that we could supply product at a competitive rate and with excellent quality and to relevant standards, we were asked to supply a more widely based selection of items. To that end we now supply a very wide range of goods and services including, but not limited to, safety equipment, boots, clothing, lighting, signage etc, office supplies and equipment, computer systems, new and reconditioned, including laptops, projectors, USB drives, machinery, compressors, generators, vehicle parts, tyres etc. Complete training courses on a wide range of items are also included in our range, from ACV (Automatic Control Valve) courses to Leak Detection Equipment Training. We have also supplied a complete, prefabricated church, including construction personnel! In that same vein we have also supplied quite a few tanks for potable water, of various sizes and construction type with erection supervision to many areas!

Over the years we have also been involved in sponsorship arrangements in most areas where we work putting back into the local community! From 1995 to 2000, in conjunction with the Marist Bros Tennis Club at Lotopa, in Samoa, we sponsored their annual Independence Day tennis tournament. We have also sponsored various sporting clubs such as the Savalalo Tigers Table Tennis Club, with a table, shirts, caps and bats, also a Table Tennis Table for the Samoa Water Authority, the Public Utilities Board of Kiribati staff canteen with a new pool table, new dart boards, many sets of darts and bar equipment for the canteen. A wide range of sports events in many countries with shirts and caps embroidered for the occasion, various internal departments with their “own” uniform shirt branded to their department with name or logo or both.

We strongly believe in being involved in the local communities in which we work! Even to the point of providing items to local church groups for fund raising! Items such as bingo calling equipment, second hand clothing, lighting for new buildings or special events!

Over the last 4-5 years we have been actively involved in working with Chinese companies, sourcing product direct from the manufacturer and cutting out, sometimes, 3-4 middle men! We now supply an excellent quality single and three phase electricity meter and are currently in discussion with a few companies over various pre-paid electricity meters and systems. We have our own direct supplier of safety footwear and keep a stock on hand of a couple of hundred pair at most times. In conjunction with the boot manufacturer we have been accepted to tender for supply to the Australian Defence Department. The same company which makes our safety boots also makes some of the most widely known and respected brands in, not only Australia, but also the world, the only difference being our boots are unbranded.

Aquaduct Trading take pride in the wide range of goods and services we can provide! As we represent a very large number of manufacturers in quite a few countries, we can often supply a complete schedule of materials for a project, where normally an aid agency or government department may have to source from up to 15 or more suppliers for a whole of project supply, we can, and HAVE, supplied everything for a project, right down to cement for foundations, cyclone fencing and padlocks for security, tools for construction, safety equipment and clothing for the site workers and delivery to site!

If you want it and it is available, we can supply it at a competitive rate, to a relevant conforming standard and to a prompt delivery timetable.

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