150MM CL18 3M Threaded Casing MF

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Our PVC bore casing is used now in bores due to the fact that the old steel bore casing ends up looking like a dirty eaten out corosive piece of pipe that has a thick wall of build up on the inside making the opening harder to get pumps in or out been buried for 50 years yet it has been in the ground for less than 10 years. All our casing and screen is manufactured using only virgin material in UPVC many councils and water bodies have banned MPVC due to it's extremely low collapse pressure. But by using only UPVC and Virgin material this gives us a internal collapse pressure that can be safely used to great depths in the ground and can also be safely grouted in using standard methods. The bore well casing has a course square thread that is flush threaded, this means that when the male and female joints are screwed together the outside and inside of the pipe are flush with no protrusions . The course thread is used as it gives a much stronger joint than if the thread is fine. The PVC pipe can be threaded to some of the following standards: ASTM F480, DIN 4925, BSP.

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