Bulkmeter for cold potable

Main Characteristics

  • Meter with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001

  • Pattern approved removable measuring insert (75/33/EEC)

  • Unique measuring range

  • High overload capability

  • No straight inlet length necessary (acc. to OIML R49 and EN 14154)

  • Unlimited fitting position

  • Meter body in short (WP) and long (WS) overall length acc. to DIN 19625 and EN 14154 available

  • Measuring insert fits the meter body of WP-Dynamic

  • Used materials are temperature resistant up to 70°C

  • Register prepared for HRI-Mei pick-up

  • Use of optical pulsers type OD is still possible


  • Measurement for billing of cold potable water up to 50° C

  • Measurement of high flowrates e.g. in pumped pipes

  • Measurement of low flow e. g. in light load periods

  • For leakage control

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