Class B Hydrant Cover

Complies to Australian Standard AS3996-1992 Metal Access covers, road grates and frames Suitable for use within ambient temperature range -5° C to +65°C and relative humidity of 5% to 95% Maximum weight complete Hydrant cover and base 9kg Load carrying capacity of Hydrant cover and base in accordance with Class B loading to AS3996, i.e. 80kn Lid is flush with the top edge of frame and close fitting inside the frame to prevent ingress of sand Cover incorporates a metal plate on underside of lid to locate buried hydrants using metal detector Lid contains a lock in lug on one end and a heavy duty “snap clip” on other end to hold close Lid supplied for Hydrant market with following markings FIRE HYDRANT, FOR EMERGENCY USE, PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT BURY OR COVER UV Stabilised

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